Frequently Asked Questions

How much does WordPress support cost?

It depends on what you need fixed, changed or modified. Our hourly rate is $45/ hour. Once you fill out our support form we will get back to you within 24 hours with a reasonable quote.

How long will it take to make the chagnes or fixes to my site?

It really depends on what type of change, modification or fix you need on your site. Most of our requests take no longer then 2-3 business days.

Do I need to pay up front?

Yes, in order to get started payment must be placed upfront. If for some reason we are unable to fix your issue your money will be refunded.

Do you provide refunds?

Refunds are provided only when an issue is not fixed. Note that if an additional issue arises after a specific issue has been fixed, a refund will not be rendered as this would be considered a separate issue.


Do you accept all types of WordPress projects?

We mostly focus on on small fixes, modification and changes. We try to empower our clients to build and add content to their own site. With that said, we do not typically take on large scale projects.

Do you provide phone consultations?

No, we do not provide phone consultations. If you have a specific support issue please contact us using our form. We do our best to reply to inquiries in a timely manner.


Do you provide SEO services

If requested, we help with the setup of your site's SEO. However, at this time we do not have any ongoing SEO services.


Do you help with WordPress shopping sites?

Yes, we help with the configuration of WordPress eCommerce sites.

We help with the following:

-Payment integrations (Like Paypal and

-Shopping options

-Checkout issues

-Product customizations

And more..

Let us know what you need

Within 24 hour we will give you a quote and time frame of what it will take.